Hello, I’m trying to not waste my time at work

Most jobs I’ve had to do are pretty easy. And I like a challenge. I just started working for Microsoft and the first 2–3 weeks were very intense. I was writing code to help automate some testing and they needed it done ASAP. I was the guy for the job. I was able to stay focused and write the code they needed to make their work easier. But last week, I wrapped up the main features of my program, and while there are things I can do to update it and make it more user friendly, it is performing its function well. I felt so important writing this program. They NEEDED my help. Now they need me to run my program every 7 minutes. And I am left to figure out what to do in between. I have seven minute segments of uninterrupted time. But its only 7 minutes. How do I focus and how do I do something else while doing this job. I need to automate the changing of the system that I do every 7 minutes. This is my next goal. This is what I will do. This may feel more like a reddit post or a journal entry. That is because that is exactly what it is :)